Weekly Spotlight: Episode 10

Representation matters, so entrepreneur Flora Ekpe-Idang is creating Corage Dolls, giving kids the diversity missing from their dolls. Also, how class and race are intertwined for the creators of the picture book Last Stop on Market Street.

Weekly Spotlight: Episode 9

Dr. Vikki Katz walks through her research exploring digital inequity and how immigrant families address communication challenges. Kabir also talk about dolls for diverse audiences.

Weekly Spotlight: Episode 8

For Mother's Day, Kabir looks at why screen time is a feminist issue. Also featured in the podcast is an introduction to Native American superhero, Captain Paiute, and an interview with Deborah Castillero from Tipitom Tales on how to tackle the 30 million word gap, working on bilingual products, and more. 

Weekly Spotlight: Episode 7

Kabir talks with Kevin Clark, founder and director for the Center for Digital Media Innovation and Diversity, about the importance of representation, inclusive hiring practices, and the need to make diversity part of the mission, not an afterthought. Also, the woes of being the kid with the stinky lunch. 

Weekly Spotlight: Episode 6

Kabir talks with I Am Elemental CEO about a fresh take on the action figure genre. Kabir also looks at how gamers reacted to randomized gender and race in the Rust game and Westeros's race problem. 

Weekly Spotlight: Episode 4

Raul Gutierrez, CEO of Tinybop, talks about making "Digital Toys" for a diverse audience. Kabir examines a workplace diversity dilemma.

Weekly Spotlight: Episode 3

Kabir looks a diversity through the lens of conference panels and Broadway casting. Plus, Goldiblox looks at widening their appeal.